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Acclimating the Recruitment Process: HRMPSB Adapts Virtual Evaluation

By: Lesley Ann M. Liquiran

The Department of Education remains truthful to its mandates in its academic services to its key stakeholders. Albeit the hazardous milieu caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department has been devoted to pursuing the primary education of Filipino youths. The Department manifests its avidity through the fulfillment of the Sulong Edukalidad, which concentrates on four dynamic reforms in primary education:

  1. K to 12 curriculum review and update
  2. Improving learning environment
  3. Teachers upskilling and reskilling
  4. Engagement of stakeholders for support and collaboration

As the world continues to alter, so do the academic provision and services.

Aforementioned, the Schools Division of Balanga City adheres to the four pillars of Sulong Edukalidad. The recruitment of qualified and competent teachers is one of the chief means to realize the strategic direction of the institution. Indeed, the teacher’s pedagogical expertise fosters an authentic learning experience for the students.

While the health crisis is heavily taking its toll in the archipleago, it curtails the quotidian details of human lives. The pandemic has halted the economic, social, and academic undertakings of the people. Nonetheless, life has to continue and education must sustain. Thus, the SDO cogitated implementing the online Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) process. The initiative guarantees the quality of the selection and promotion processes while ensuring the health safety of the applicants and the workforce.

Hinged to the Civil Service Commission Guidelines, the HRMPSB prepares the recruitment process by releasing a Division Memorandum stating the vacancy or promotion positions for teachers and personnel. The memorandum articulates the details required in the process. Thus, it enables the applicants to produce and arrange

the necessary documents in the recruitment process. The applicants submit the pertinent documents through Google Drive on or before the submission deadline.

The selection board meticulously assesses the submitted papers as the process undergoes two evaluative stages. Upon receiving the documents, the HRMPSB secretariat pre-assesses the documents as stated in the quality standards in the guidelines of the Civil Service Commission. Afterward, the secretariat drafts a correspondence addressed to the applicants, indicating the application status. The initial undertaking ushers the final stage of the application process.

The terminal phase of the recruitment process includes a virtual interview, examination, and document validation of the applicants based on the position standards communicated in the DepEd orders. This stage involves the entire team of the SDO HRMPSB. The HRMPSB informs the applicants of the selection/evaluation process before its end. Then, the board advises the Schools Division Superintendent of the short-list of the qualified applicants.

The SDO of Balanga City ingeniously envisioned approaches in its Human Resources Management to deliver effective and efficient dispensations to its significant clientele in the thick of the pandemic. Furthermore, the organization attunes its direction to the City’s plan of digitalization in 2025.

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