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Developing Children’s Social Skills

By: Luningning E. Ruiz, Mater Teacher I, Tanato Integrated School

Interaction has a vital role in the child’s development, especially in their social skills. There are children who find it hard to feel comfortable socializing with other children. However, teachers and parents can provide actions such as support and assistance to develop children’s social skills.
One of the fundamentals and practical activities that will help children to improve their social skills is to develop their manners. Manners are one of the valuable ways of meeting people and receiving positive responses. Besides, it will help the children to feel more comfortable in social situations. An example is to show children how to express gratitude or to deliver an apology and even in making a request.
Another way is to incorporate music inside the classroom to increase the bond between children. As a teacher, we may select a song that will encourage everyone to participate in group activities even if they are being shy considering that lively songs will find common ground in having fun.
Activities that will allow the children to step outside of their comfort zones are also suggested. For instance, a role-play activity will help the children to develop strong characters and assert themselves. Extracurricular activities give the children a chance to have a larger social environment. Children should also be involved in social organizations inside and outside the school that of course, matches their personality and interests.
Lastly, it is very important that both the parents and teachers should help their children to have positive self-esteem and strong self-confidence while providing an interactive and engaging environment. Helping the children to become comfortable in social and classroom settings is a way to develop their interpersonal skills. Thus, developing these skills can teach members to work together, have harmony, and do their best to become responsible, compassionate, and caring individuals.

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