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by: Arjel G. Jose, Teacher I – Balanga Elementary School                                                                 

Special Education works on for the holistic development of the special children. Though they have their distinct disabilities and conditions, the teacher has to have the great passion of developing their abilities and lead them to be productive in their own unique ways.

It is very essential that each child must develop and grow physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.  It means that it is necessary for them to experience the honing of their abilities and human aspects so that they will reach their optimum potentials.

In order to achieve those aspired aspects of one’s persona, certain steps must be realized with the help of the teacher. Helping the children with special educational needs entails several ways which could be put into actions with the efforts of both the teacher and the learner.

The schoolwork or task is being provided by the teacher. Through this, the special children tend to move, think and feel. With this, the teacher must provide a specific task to perform but it should be meaningful to the learners. The teacher offers adequate direction and the learners gradually follow so that they will not be misled instead they are working happily with the teacher.

The basic skills in reading, in writing, in number work, as well as in understanding different simple information are being taught to special children. The teacher provides these essential competencies to be acquired by the said learners in order for them to attain basic literacy which may help them develop ang grow academically.

One of the best ways to motivate the special children is to let them express themselves and lead them to understand what other people are conveying. This makes them feel that they are not alone and that they belong to the group. Indeed, they feel the importance and sense of belongingness.

Also, in school, encourage the special children to make friends and to interact with adult people. In this way they would feel that they have buddies who may serve as their companions in their journey. Talking to adult people, on the other hand, will teach them how to deal with sensible topics that they owe to learn.

The learners are also instructed to behave properly in the classroom. Teaching simple discipline is significant and directs the actions and thinking of the special kids. It is vital that they learn how to follow and recognize basic rules.

Teaching the special learners to make use of their visual capacities, auditory powers or tactile activities would be meaningful. This helps them to utilize their own senses and leads them to sharpen their awareness of the environment where they live.

It is a must that a special education teacher should spend extra attention to the needs of the special children and to continue guiding them in order to grow and be productive!

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