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Teacher II, Bataan National High School – JHS

My job as a Physical Education (PE) teacher at Bataan National High School while in the Department of Education (DepEd) is such that avails an opportunity to make profound impacts on students’ health and well-being. PE teachers help prevent chronic diseases, improve mental health, and enhance academic performance by way of promoting physical activity according to COPAAPESE (2019). Also, fostering lifelong fitness habits in learners leads to healthier societies. On that point, physical education classes also provide avenues for the acquisition of important social skills like teamwork ,cooperation and communication which are fundamental in their personal and future careers. Hence, here are ten good reasons why I have chosen to stay.

  1. Impact on Student Health and Well-being

Physical health promotion from PE teachers directly influences student total well-being. It prevents chronic diseases if a person exercises regularly. Such experiences are very satisfying.

  • Fostering Lifelong Fitness Habits

It helps students grow up with an understanding of the importance of remaining physically fit throughout one’s life thus developing healthy habits right from childhood . This has influence outside class too hence leading to healthier societies in general .

  • Developing Social Skills and Teamwork

 A unique environment in the form of PE classes enable students to acquire vital social abilities ranging from teamwork, communication, cooperation among others which are essential for their personal as well as professional life.

  • Encouraging Resilience and Perseverance

By participating in sports and physical activities, students can learn about handling success and failure in life, becoming resilient and developing perseverance; three qualities that are important for them to face future challenges with.

  • Diverse Teaching Methods and Creativity

One of the advantages of a PE lesson is that it enables teachers to use different approaches to impart knowledge through creative teaching methodologies. This way, it becomes an interesting experience for both tutors as well as learners thus making it more dynamic.

  • Professional Development Opportunities

DepEd has a range of professional development programs designed specifically for the purpose of improving teacher skills and competence levels; hence its program offers P.E Teachers opportunities to keep up-to-date with current practices in education.

  • Supportive Community And Networking

Being part of DepEd means that you belong to a supportive community of educators who share similar values with you such as love for children, patience among others. When you network with other PE teachers, you can get good ideas on how to teach better thus enhancing your work satisfaction levels greatly.

  • Stability of Employment and Job Benefits

DepEd offers job security, as well as a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and career opportunities. Security that this kind of work guarantees allows teachers to concentrate more on their passion for teaching.

  • Inspiring the Future

PE instructors have the special chance to inspire and mold the next crop of students. It is extremely fulfilling to see learners blossom, prosper and develop an affinity for active lifestyles.

  1. Supporting National Development

Physical education teachers are therefore instrumental in promoting national development in this way. A population that engages in physical activities is healthier, more productive and better equipped with relevant tools to contribute to the country’s economy.

However, because PE is always changing, teachers can use different teaching strategies as well as creative lesson plans so that learning itself becomes enjoyable for both educators and students. Different professional development courses are also offered by DEPED towards sharpening teacher skills and knowledge with regard to contemporary educational trends such as methodologies according to Department of Education (2021). At the same time being part of a supportive community of educators within DepEd enhances networking among staff with sharing best practices which substantially boost efficiency in instruction leading to satisfying employment

Job stability and comprehensive benefits including health insurance, retirement plans and opportunities for career advancement among others are also provided by DepEd so that teachers can concentrate on their teaching passion . The ability to motivate and influence future leaders while seeing pupils develop their love for physical activities is very fulfilling . In conclusion, PE educators contribute to the national development by creating a healthier and more active population through physical education promotion. Choosing to remain at DepEd as an instructor of physical education is not only about career but also a dedication towards changing lives of students as well as the entire society.

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