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Powerful Hands

By: Luningning E. Ruiz, Master Teacher I, Tanato Integrated School

The Coronavirus was affecting our day-to-day life, businesses, world trade, and movements. As the pandemic pulls the global economy to slow down, many people have been greatly affected, especially the Filipino people. National borders, together with many businesses, both small and big, have been shut down due to the spread of the deadly virus. However, it is heartwarming to see the generosity of the Filipino people in their fellow countrymen.
How about you? Have you ever experienced helping someone during this time wherein we are in our hardest times? How does it feel? Are you expecting that you will also get what you have given to them?
Some of my old friends said that the world is unfair indeed. Today, you will give some of your things to other people, yet tomorrow you won’t receive anything. Despite this, I always bear in mind that if I expect the world to be fair with me just because I am fair, I am truly fooling myself. What I mean is, it’s just like expecting the snake not to bite me just because I don’t bite him.
A few months ago, when the situation in the Philippines got worse, and when more people are experiencing hunger to death, I have realized multifold things about the process of giving and receiving. I have realized that as long as you have the chance, give as much as you can without expecting anything in return. I have seen and known hundreds of people who could not give a single coin to the needy that are roaming in the streets, jobless and homeless. Why do people refrain themselves from giving when a hen tries to give all the food that she has to her little chicks? Does it mean that animals are more compassionate than humans? The most unimaginable thing is, some people beat those poor beggars on the street for fun. Well, I can see humans, but not humanity.
We don’t need a reason to help people and we don’t have to worry about how many and how much we have to give to the needy. It’s not all about the material things that matter, but one’s willingness to give. As a human being that is privileged and has a comfortable life, I have learned how to give not because I have much, but because I knew the feeling of having nothing. I have been there, and I am very grateful for the people who extended their hands to me and my family. Those people who do not have power in the state but have powerful hands – two powerful hands that are very much flexible to reach and help the people who cry for help silently.
Let us remember that the happiest people are the ones who are givers, not the ones who are getters. The essence of giving is the fulfillment that you will feel in the end, and it lies on your bare hands and in your warm heart. The Lord is so good that He gave us two eyes to see the reality, two ears to hear the heeds, a warm heart to be compassionate with others, and two hands to do the work.
To the readers, especially the youth, let us heal the world with our compassion and love so we can heal as one and free our world from this global crisis.

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