Rekindle Your Passion In The Midst Of Difficulties.

By: SHEILA M. CORPUZ, Master Teacher I, M. Delos Reyes Memorial E/S

It’s no secret that being a teacher may be one of the toughest professions; there’s constant pressure to deliver excellent work, adjust to unforeseen circumstances, and meet complex student demands. As a result, it happens far too frequently for teachers to experience greater fatigue.

The transformations throughout the education systems between then and now are tremendous. Technology has had a great impact not only on education but also on various facets of individuals and the globe. An indication that technology has both bad and good effects. The new normal has become a major problem too for our teachers today. One of DepEd’s current areas of concern is the learning gap. One of the things they are also stressing about is the various reports and ancillary works as an added burden to them. These may be the driving forces that have led our teachers to leave their positions and lose their passion for teaching.

Regardless of how much you enjoy teaching, it’s simple to burn out before you even realize it. Everyone has these feelings sporadically, but if they persist every day, it’s time for something to change. However, there are various techniques for preventing teacher burnout before you end up as a statistic. Here are the four ways that helped me remain passionate about teaching and prevent burnout.

1. Manage your time wisely. 

I use a notepad, and I write down the urgent and important tasks while marking them as ASAP. Then, I cleared it once I had done these. Then I will proceed to a non-urgent but important task. I also make sure workdays are only for weekdays. Weekends are for family, leisure, and church. Making good use of time enhances satisfaction and work-life balance. It also decreases stress and achieves goals quickly and easily.

2. Team up with other teachers who share your passion.

If you feel alone and unsupported, try to find your “tribe” or group of like-minded teachers who want to exchange and discuss ideas. Group of teachers who would create a positive vibe and be willing to support others.

3. Remember your purpose.

If you’re like most public school teachers, you chose this profession because you wanted to work with kids and have an impact on their lives. But in the present educational setting, it’s simple to lose focus when it seems that teaching is more about according to district regulations than addressing the needs of students. Sometimes the best thing to do is to focus on your goal. Search for best practices, approaches, and strategies that will help your students learn in the easiest way. Attend workshops and graduate study courses that will improve your professional skills. Don’t be reluctant to blow things around. There are various methods for remaining true to your mission, especially for the sake of your students.

4. Seek God’s comfort. 

There will be times when you feel you are rejected, exhausted, frustrated, and isolated. Sometimes you feel that you aren’t doing enough and can’t find the light in times of darkness, but God will remind us to keep doing our best and it will be soon paid off. Always be reminded of his promise in Psalm 46:1 “ God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble”. Only in the arms of God can we find the strength we need to overcome adversity. He isn’t far away from us, but nearby to guide us with the mission he has handed to us. Therefore, don’t quit; just keep the faith.

Although teaching isn’t the easiest profession, it’s unquestionably one of the most gratifying. If you notice the symptoms of burnout in yourself, act right away! You can rekindle your passion for teaching and rediscover the joy in the profession you chose.

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