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Safe Love

By: Mario M. Laganao, Jr.

Raymart Decepida, a young artist from Balanga City ICT National High School, has recently won the Digital Poster Making Contest held by the City Health Office of Balanga City. The competition aimed to promote Safe Love and raise awareness about AIDS/HIV among the youth of the city. Decepida’s winning entry stood out for its compelling and thought-provoking message, coupled with impressive graphic design skills.

Decepida’s digital poster was a masterful combination of colors and imagery that captured the essence of the Safe Love and AIDS/HIV awareness campaign. The poster featured two young people, a man and a woman, embracing each other with the message that true love protects. The background of the poster was a bright red color, symbolizing the urgency and danger of the disease. The message was clear and concise, yet powerful enough to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

What made his entry stand out was not just the visual appeal of the poster, but also the message it conveyed. Decepida’s poster did not shy away from the taboo topic of safe sex and AIDS/HIV. It confronted the issue head-on and presented a positive and proactive approach to the problem. The poster aimed to encourage the youth to practice safe sex, take responsibility for their actions, and protect themselves and their partners from the risk of AIDS/HIV.

For him, winning the Digital Poster Making Contest was not just a personal achievement but also an opportunity to make a difference. As a young artist, he felt a sense of responsibility to use his skills to contribute to society and raise awareness about important issues such as AIDS/HIV. Decepida’s entry was a testament to the power of art to educate, inspire and initiate change.

In conclusion, Raymart Decepida’s winning entry in the Digital Poster Making Contest held by the City Health Office of Balanga City is a shining example of how art can be used to promote social causes and raise awareness about important issues. His digital poster, which highlights the importance of Safe Love and AIDS/HIV awareness, is a powerful message that will resonate with the youth of the city and beyond. Decepida’s achievement not only highlights his artistic talent but also his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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