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Teaching Indigenous People is Passion

by: Jecristopher B. Baldeo, Teacher I – Bataan National High School – Senior High School

It’s not uncommon for educators to feel a wide range of profound and singular emotions while working with Indigenous learners. They feel a deep sense of belonging and satisfaction as a result of their work with these students.

Developing meaningful relationships with Indigenous kids and sharing in their excitement and satisfaction as they learn and grow as individuals and as a culture is impossible to overstate. Teachers are grateful for the chance to improve their students’ academic and personal development. Cultural understanding and respect are two additional outcomes of working with Indigenous students in the classroom. Teachers gain a deeper appreciation for Indigenous peoples’ ways of life and worldviews, broadening their own horizons in the process. When designing a classroom that welcomes and includes all students, teachers’ empathy and understanding play a crucial role. They have a caring attitude toward their employment, understanding the difficulties Indigenous pupils experience and doing everything they can to help. Teachers also have a responsibility to the larger community by pushing for culturally responsive practices and incorporating Indigenous knowledge, history, and viewpoints into their lessons.

While there may be obstacles to overcome, educators see them as chances for personal and professional development. Teachers of Indigenous students are strongly motivated by a desire to see their students thrive academically and personally, and they exert considerable effort toward this end.

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