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by: Arjel G. Jose, Teacher I – Balanga Elementary School


The Department of Education (DepEd) aims to cater all kinds of learners from the mainstream to the marginalized groups. This signifies that education must be accessible to all even to those learners with special needs.

Significantly, Special Education was established in order to educate those members of our society who belong to a marginalized group, particularly the ones with disabilities and special needs in order to be productive despite of the conditions that they are currently facing. This is to focus on the learning of the special kids or people who need the most of our help and assistance.

The need for the implementation of Special Education is being explained by various reasons that are considered vital in the realization of this kind practice or service that we need to render to those who need extra care and attention.

One of the major reasons for the realization is to promote the right of every child or individual.  It indeed very essential that every human being has the right to study whether in regular schooling or in the special approach of learning.

This may also provide the necessary knowledge and skills. Those with disabilities should be given with ample education wherein they will learn the necessary competencies and lessons they owe to have in order to develop and grow holistically. They need to fill the different aspects of their individualities in order to shine in the society where they live.

Another thing is to provide an appropriate learning environment for this type of learner. There are certain places or facilities that should be provided for the special learners to be motivated in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. They need to be surrounded with the appropriate amenities suited to them and be subjected to the methods that are proven effective.

Further, it is to realize equality in the field of learning. Education knows no age, gender or condition. This means that all types of people regardless of their status or conditions should have the opportunity to be educated and to enjoy the experiences in the teaching-learning process.

Moreover, to have a good effect to mental health, it is important that the learners may see and feel their importance and acceptance. Those learners with disabilities are so sensitive and we need to give more understanding of what they think and feel, the provision of Special Education is one of the best means for them to sustain their mental health or wellness.

It is also promoting universal love to everybody. One of the best ways that we could prove that we have a love for everyone is through letting them to have the access to education. If we let people most especially those special children to enter school and savor every moment in learning then, we express how much we care and love them.

Our society is very open to all the trends that may really help the learners. It is the time that we have to fully embrace Special Education to give better chances to special people to shine and be the best that they can be!

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