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Upgrading Pedagogy in the New Normal

by: Eleonor G. Sioson, Principal I – M. delos Reyes Elementary School

The purpose of a teacher is to impart knowledge to students and facilitate their learning. They are in charge of influencing the next generation. Teachers must possess the necessary credentials for them to educate.

In the modern society where change is fast paced, education should not be compromised. Now that the Philippine education system is facing the aftermath of the Corona virus pandemic, teachers must be armored with updated teaching strategies that are adaptive to the new normal.

Here are some of the teaching approaches that a teacher may use in classrooms to level up in 2023.

The use of classroom gamification. Gamification in education refers to the integration of gaming aspects into a classroom setting. One of the examples is jumping based on the number of counts told by the teacher when topic is about counting. When done correctly, it transforms an activity that participants might not normally find enjoyable—like a lesson for the entire class—and makes it more interesting.

Another technique is flexible seating. A study on seating arrangement and students’ performance is correlated by Fourman Kristine. It was found that allowing students to sit in an arrangement that fits their learning goals results in a higher learning outcome.

Furthermore, promotion of active learning inside the classroom is another effective technique that results in the attainment of learning goals. The pandemic exposed students to screens and communicated with their teachers online. The use of active learning is an effective technique in the new normal that excites students to communicate their ideas interactively. Interactive communication develops a certain feeling of warmth that gives students the confidence to exchange their thoughts.

These are only few of the teaching techniques that a teacher may adopt to facilitate learning among their students in the new normal. We need to invest in teacher training programs and provide them with the necessary resources to ensure that they can teach at a high level.

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