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By: Camille T. Camacho, AO II

In this competitive world, it is important that people should be more productive and more fruitful. With this, it is very important that an employee possesses the essential abilities that are required in the most challenging tasks of time.  In the Department of Education, the people truly manifest competencies in fulfilling their respective jobs and in rendering services.

Behavioral competency is an important thing that a worker should uphold. This may be shown in terms of commitment, work ethics and values. A certain employee in the DepEd office is expected to commit oneself in doing the job religiously, doing right in the performance of a particular job and exhibiting good and adorable values that people may appreciate and recognize.

Functional competency refers to the performance of the respective jobs efficiently and effectively. An employee who does the duties and responsibilities in order to be productive in work is displaying functional competency. A person who acts responsibly and industriously in the workplace is said to be functional.

Communicative competency is another thing that an employee must acquire.  This is the ability to talk with fellow employee harmoniously.  This is also showing professionalism in dealing with people and in conversing with them in terms of work productivity and progress. Competency in communication is a must in work for effective conveyance of information.

Motivating competency is another thing that must be considered. The employee needs to motivate oneself in doing what is the best in work. This calls for increasing one’s morale to grow and to reach the height of productivity and success in work. Motivation is the inspiration of an employee to do the best in work.

Social competency is the ability of the person to deal with superior, peers and other people with respect and kindness.  It is important for the employee to deal with people amiable or friendly behavior as to win their hearts and attention. It is good to know that a person needs to socialize with different people in all walks of life.

Creative thinking competency is the potential to think beyond the box and to do very well in the performance of tasks.  The employee has to be creative in work so as to attain innovation and advancement in work. The creativity may be manifested in doing what is novel in work that is truly contributory to the success of the organization.

Leadership competency is another thing to consider.  There will come a time that an employee may be assigned to lead and it is very essential that leadership competency is applied.  Soon, a simple employee may rise, be promoted and be trusted to spearhead the group.

Indeed, employees in an organization just like the Department of Education (DepEd) must acquire the competencies needed in work in order to continuously serve others successfully and fruitfully.

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