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“It will serve as our compass for hitting our annual targets. Anyone can check on our schedules, announcements and updates.

All DepEd employees and staff are encouraged to use this digital publication to share their opinions, knowledge and stance on a particular issue or topic. Research and Innovations done by the teachers, School Heads and Supervisors are published so that anyone can browse it as a reference to improve instruction.

Let’s work together in achieving our goals and in developing life-long learners who are God-loving, responsible, persistent and smart through active interacting using our website.

May our website serve your purpose in visiting it. Thank you and God bless us.



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Top 10 Most Improved Schools Division in the National Achievement Test.

DepEd SDO Balanga City Shines at the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary: PRIME HRM Bronze Award Recipient

Clarkfield, Pampanga – On this beautiful September 21, 2023, under the warm sun of Hotel Widus, Clarkfield, Pampanga, the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary unfolded with enthusiasm and pride. The highlight of the day was the prestigious PRIME HRM Bronze Awarding Ceremony and HAP Recognition Rites, which celebrated the commitment to excellence in Human Resource Management within the public sector.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has been diligent in recognizing outstanding public service institutions and employees, and this year’s event was no exception. SDO Balanga City, an organization dedicated to enhancing public service in the heart of Bataan, stood tall among the recipients of the PRIME HRM Bronze Award.

The PRIME HRM (Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management) Award is a testament to an organization’s unwavering commitment to HRM best practices and the improvement of public service. SDO Balanga City’s recognition highlights their exceptional efforts in elevating the standards of human resource management, which ultimately benefits the community they serve.

To promote the safety and protection of learners and personnel from unnecessary physical dangers that they may be exposed to during natural disasters and calamities please be informed of the Guidelines on the Automatic Cancellation or Suspension of Classes and Work in Schools in the event of Natural Disasters, Power Outages/ Power Interruptions and Other Calamities base on DepEd Order No. 37, Series of 2022.

This is to ensure that their constitutional rights to life, health, safety, and property are always protected.

The following guidelines shall be observed in all schools within the Department of Education for all teaching and non-teaching personnel. This will also cover the learners under the jurisdiction of the DepEd in the public schools.

Private schools and community learning centers, as well as state/local universities and colleges (SUCs/LUCs) have the option to abide by the provisions of this DepEd Order.

In the event that there are NO issuance of the specified mentioned scenarios , the cancellation or suspension of classes shall be decided by LGU Local Chief Executives or the School Head.

Emergency Hotline Numbers are also provided for easy access of the public to the specific unit of responders during emergencies.

For more information kindly visit:

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Online Services

Submit Report/Document

It is an online facility where you can submit the official reports and documents to this Office.

Online Monitoring/Tracking System

It is an online tool where the clients/users can monitor/track specific document using their Tracking Code.

TA Max Linkage

An interconnectivity monitoring platform for schools

Request for ICT Services

An online facility to provide technical assistance to any ICT-related issues/concerns

Planning Services Request E-Form

An online google form for all of requests/issues/concerns regarding Planning Services

SDO Teleconsultation

An online teleconsulation for SDO Balanga City personnel with our Medical Officer for any health related concerns

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