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Brief History

Balanga, the Capital of Bataan, was formerly a visita of Abucay before it was established as a mission of the Dominican Order in the Provincial Chapter of April 19, 1739, under the patronage of St. Joseph. Upon the establishment of Bataan as separate province in 1754, Balanga was made its capital by General Pedro Maanuel Arandia due to its favorable location, at the heart of the new territorial jurisdiction. The word Balanga originates from the Tagalog word bañga (clay pot), which the town usec to produced and which was among the best that can be found inn the country.

Today, Balanga has just recently been transformed into a City. Prior to this development, the City has extended its urban fringe to west of Roman Superhighway and a new growth certain in Brgy Tuyo has been delineated in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. During the past years, the city saw a high record of residential growth. The consequent expansion of the physical limits of the urban core as well as the expected large increase in population, and its attractiveness to commercial and employment activities, the City Government of Balanga decided to undertake a Master Planning exercise and to various developmental projects that would establish Balanga as a well planned community with quality and character that is innovative and special.

The Schools Division of the City of Balanga was established by virtue of R.A. 8984 filed and sponsored by Congressman Enrique T. Garcia, 2nd Congressional District, Bataan, pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991 letter from the Dep. Ed Central Office dated January 20, 2003 and Dep. Ed Order No. 50 s. 2000 and a Regional Memorandum No. 47 s. 2003, establishing of the Interim Balanga City Schools Division, dated June 9, 2003.

It was declared officially separated from its mother Division of Bataan effective June 6, 2003. The newly occupied Division Office is located at Phase 3 Doña Francisca Subd. Balanga City. It was constructed by the City government under the leadership of City Mayor Melanio S. Banson.