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By: Luningning E. Ruiz, Master Teacher I, Tanato Integrated School

In doing their job and risking their lives, the soldiers must be equipped with high-quality armor to win a battle. Just like soldiers, teachers also need to be equipped with technological skills to deliver a lesson more engagingly.
For the teachers to be technologically advanced and be computer literate, they are being provided with training and seminars that will help them to be skilled and confident in producing globally competitive students.
Through the help of different websites, one can reach out to the world, especially the teachers who are building a better world for the next generations through honing the students. The teachers can be able to present their achievements and aspirations, attract donors, and most importantly, reach out to the parents.
It is undeniably true that in this fast-changing world, a computer illiterate is a Tarzan who lives with Jane in the jungle. Let us not be like Tarzan and let us not produce little Tarzans among our students as well.

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