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“In the Shadow of Blame”

By: Sammy Y. Sabello

Master Teacher I, COBNHS JHS

In the rouse of COVID pandemic, teachers faced unprecedented challenges as they adapted to remote and hybrid learning environments while grappling with their own personal struggles. The toll taken on the teaching profession during this time cannot be understated. Teachers worked tirelessly to maintain a sense of normalcy for their students, often juggling their own family responsibilities and concerns about their health and safety. Despite these significant hurdles, teachers remained steadfast in their commitment to education, serving as beacons of support and stability in students’ lives.

Yet, even as the pandemic subsided, the challenges did not end for teachers. Recent headlines have highlighted disturbing incidents involving educators that have shocked and saddened the public. One such incident, where a student fell into a coma and later passed away after a teacher’s lapse in patience (Philstar, October 2023), has raised questions about the psychological pressures faced by educators. It is essential to examine these cases with a nuanced perspective, acknowledging that teachers, like all professionals, can grapple with their own challenges and vulnerabilities.

The case of the student suffering from lead poisoning and post-traumatic stress disorder due to a teacher’s “deplorable” act of stuffing trash to student’s mouth (Rappler, January 2023) is another example of the complexities surrounding these issues. While such cases are inexcusable, they must be seen in the context of broader systemic and societal issues that can influence teacher behavior.

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