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By: Camille T. Camacho, AO II

A certain organization is considered more successful if there is harmony within it. There are significant means to consider in order to maintain real harmony within the group. Whether in the school or office, harmony is essential.

Open Communication. The presence of open communication is essential in an organization. It is important the people within the group are communicating openly and harmoniously in attaining the goals of the organization.

Shared Vision. The picture of the organizational vision must be clear to everybody. The people in the organization should be well-aware and well-informed regarding the vision or the future picture of the organization.

Given Trust. There should be trust given to each member of the school or office. It is more recognizable if the people within the group are entrusted to perform important tasks that are very essential in the success of the organization.

Sufficient leadership. The leader will bind the people together.  Sufficient leadership is necessary in attaining harmony within the organization. Once adequate leadership is employed, this will result into a realization of harmony.

Acceptance of Change. The people or employees must be trained to be resilient to change. Accepting changes wholeheartedly means being cooperative and participative on the sudden changes within the organization.

Great Positivity. The people in the group must foster positivity within the school or office.  Having positive atmosphere in the organization is instrumental in maintaining harmony.

Standard Policies. If there are standard policies to be followed, the group may be able achieve proper direction.  This will best attain proper actuations and attitudes among the employees. If they are directed they may deal with each other well.

Team Environment. Working as a team is such a good practice. When there is teamwork the people within the group may work harmoniously.  Working for one vision, one mission and common objective constitute their teamwork.

Appreciation of Efforts. The leaders and members of the group must appreciate each other specifically in the efforts exerted. It would be rewarding on the part of the employee if his or her effort is recognized and appreciated.

Maintaining harmony in the workplace is highly possible if the above-mentioned ideas may be realized for the sake of the entire organization.

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