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By: Mario M. Laganao, Jr.

Breana Shey S. Mendoza, a talented student from Balanga City ICT National High School, has emerged victorious in the SDO Balanga City New Logo Contest. Her design was chosen over other submissions from various schools in the area, proving her artistic skills and creativity.

The SDO Balanga City New Logo Contest was launched to create a new emblem that would represent the city’s educational sector. The competition was open to all secondary students in the area, and many young artists submitted their entries.

Mendoza’s winning design features a colorful and dynamic logo that showcases the spirit of education in Balanga City. The logo includes an image of a graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard, a common symbol in logos for education that represents academic achievement and the completion of a course of study. The graduation cap symbolizes the end of one chapter in a student’s life and the beginning of a new one. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, study, and dedication, and the achievement of a significant milestone in a student’s educational journey.

The book symbolizes the accumulation and sharing of knowledge, as well as the importance of reading and study in the learning process. It may also represent the value of traditional forms of learning and the idea that education is a lifelong pursuit.

The design also included the Banga which has always been the symbol of BalangueƱos. In many cultures, the color clay or brown is often associated with hard work, patience, and humility. Brown is often associated with the earth, soil, and nature. It represents the hard work and patience required to cultivate and nurture crops, and the humility required to work in harmony with the natural world. BalangaueƱos are originally farmers and fishermen who worked hard to fulfill their dreams for their sons and daughters, a dream of progress and prosperity through merit and educational success.

In logos or symbols referring to technological advancement in education, circuits may symbolize the use of technology in learning and the interconnectedness of knowledge and ideas. In logos for education, blue may be used to symbolize several values, including freedom, liberty, and intellectual inquiry. The use of gold in education logos can communicate a range of values related to education, including excellence, achievement, success, and prestige. It is a powerful symbol that conveys the idea that education is a valuable and worthy pursuit that is worthy of recognition and respect.

The outer shell is a binary or computer language which stands for MakaDiyos, Maka- tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa. In the rise of technological revolution in education, these values are important because they provide a foundation for students to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By instilling these values in students, educators can help prepare them to become responsible, ethical, and socially engaged citizens who are equipped to use technology for the greater good.

Mendoza’s win in the SDO Balanga City New Logo Contest is a testament to her artistic talent and creativity. Her design beat other submissions from various schools, proving that her work stands out in a highly competitive environment. Her artwork stood out because of its simplicity, clarity, and effectiveness. Her design perfectly captured the essence of the competition’s theme, which was to create a logo that represents the city’s current situation and its future aspirations.

Mendoza’s success in the competition is a source of inspiration and motivation for other young artists in Balanga City. Her win shows that hard work, creativity, and dedication can lead to great achievements and recognition. Her design will now be used as the official logo of the SDO Balanga City, representing the metamorphosis of the educational sector in the area. Her artwork will be displayed in various materials and media, such as letterheads, websites, and other official documents.

In conclusion, Breana Shey S. Mendoza’s victory in the SDO Balanga City New Logo Contest is a remarkable achievement that showcases her artistic talent and creativity. Her design perfectly captures the essence of the competition’s theme and represents the educational sector in Balanga City. Her win is a source of inspiration and motivation for other young artists, proving that hard work and dedication can lead to great recognition and success.

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