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by: Arjel G. Jose, Teacher I – Balanga Elementary School

Nowadays, the education sector accommodates all kinds of learners in schools regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity and others. The Department of Education (DepEd) is truly commendable for it advocates equality in the learning field. This may be connected to inclusive education that is now being implemented in the different schools in our country.

Inclusive education is one of the major advocacies of our education agency. This connotes that all schools admit and welcome all types of learners and they are willing to serve them to the fullest.

Furthermore, inclusive education is to create a school setting that would promote better learning to all. This means that the school must be designed in a way that it is beneficial to all kinds of learners. It should be a learner-friendly school and must contain the amenities and activities that would promote better learning among the students.

This also guarantees that quality education is being enjoyed by everyone. This connotes that the schools authorities and teachers in the school must be willing and passionate to serve all types of learners. The school offers quality instructions and services as provided by the school administrators and teachers for their development and growth.

Inclusive education attends to the needs of the learners. This is to address the various things that would satisfy the education of the schoolchildren and to supply them with tangible and intangible things that would suffice their learning experiences. Inclusive education is indeed providing the best for the sake of the learners.

Inclusive education respects the weaknesses of learners and acknowledges their strengths. With the help of the teachers, the learners’ weaknesses are being determined and accepted but they employ ways to help them improve them in order to be empowered. In terms of the learners’ strengths, they recognize these and keep on enhancing them.

It also promotes belonginess to the group and instills harmony with one another. That is why through the realization of inclusive education that the learners perceived that they are being given importance in the group or school where they are studying and they must establish good relationship with others.

In inclusive education, the educational customers may share learning despite of the individual differences, personalities and characteristics. They are able to enjoy the benefits of education with the feeling that they all have the opportunities or chances to soar and eventually to succeed in the field of education.

Inclusive education is indeed one of the gateways to learning, development and growth in our society.

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