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by: Arjel G. Jose, Teacher I – Balanga Elementary School

There are certain skills that are being taught to special children in order for them to survive and be functional in the society.  The acquisition of these skills is considered as great accomplishment and success indicator among our beloved special children. The targeted goal is for them to acquire the things that would open windows for opportunities.

First and foremost, caring for oneself should be taught to special children. It is very important to learn to upkeep oneself on loving your own welfare and well-being. The child has to live meaningfully for himself and give importance to one’s sake. Self-care skill is very important.

It is good to teach the special kids to increase independence. Through teaching on how to stand on your own is indeed contributory to one’s upliftment. Special children need to be instructed of independence. The skill on being independent pushes one’s confidence.

 The special children must perform physical routine activities. By simple taking a bath, eating, drinking and other basic actions that won’t be needing any assistance, the child assumes the practices that connote routine survival.  The skill on physical activity can make one to be strong.

The teacher may assist the special learners in improving the sensory process within them. They should be guided on highlighting the uses of senses within their bodies so that they will develop they sensitivity over the things that they face every day. The skill on the use of senses is truly vital.

The special children must be trained on proper communication. They should be taught on the basic words that are being transmitted to others like greetings, apologies, perceptions and feelings. It is necessary that they express they thoughts and feelings to other people in a tactical way. Communication skill among special children is a must.

Teaching one’s safety is a must. The special children should practice protecting themselves from any form of danger or hazard. Though they may look not that strong but instructing them to call somebody or ask the help of others for protection would be vital. This skill safeguards them from any detrimental experiences.

As people living in this world, special children should establish a social relationship. This skill must be instilled in them, they should know how to make friends and be in company with others. They may also practice social gestures needed to win the hearts of others.

The idea on vocational skills​ should also be planted among the special children. They are also entitled to make basic industrial works in the kitchen like cooking, laundry, painting, sewing, baking and household chores.

These are the worthwhile skills that the special education teacher may develop within a learner. It is necessary that this marginalized group must shine and be valuable in our society.

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