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Forging Stronger Partnerships for Quality Education: The Adopt-a-Learner Program in Balanga City

By: Gemma Rose D. Loyola, SPES

Education is the cornerstone of a prosperous and inclusive society. Recognizing the importance of quality education and the need for collaborative efforts, the Schools Division of the City of Balanga, the City Government of Balanga, and esteemed private sector organizations have united to establish a transformative initiative—the Adopt-a-Learner Program.

The Schools Division of City of Balanga, in partnership with the Bataan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (BACCII), Junior Chambers International (JCI), Multi-Sector Governance Coalition (MSGC) of Bataan, University Town of the Peninsula Foundation, Inc., and the City Government of Balanga, aims to ensure every child’s right to education.

The Adopt-a-Learner Program was initially implemented at Tortugas Integrated School and E. Bernabe Elementary School, strategically chosen based on the specific needs of identified learners. This comprehensive program encompasses four key projects: “Baon Mo, Sagot Ko,” providing a daily meal allowance; “Supplementary Feeding Plus,” offering nutritious food during school hours; “Learning Support Partners,” pairing struggling learners with dedicated volunteer teachers for individualized support; and “Adopt-My-Parent,” focusing on creating employment opportunities for families.

The Adopt-a-Learner Program is committed to a three-year duration, with implementation commencing in the fourth quarter of School Year 2022-2023. Private donors will generously contribute PHP 10,000 per learner annually, ensuring sustained financial support throughout their elementary education. By providing this crucial assistance, the program aims to empower less privileged learners, enabling them to complete their studies and break free from the cycle of poverty.

The Adopt-a-Learner Program in Balanga City showcases the power of partnerships in transforming lives through education. With the Schools Division, private sector organizations, and the City Government working together, underprivileged students receive vital resources and support to reach their full potential. This collaborative effort reflects our unwavering commitment to equitable and quality education, in line with the Philippine Constitution. Together, we are building a brighter future, empowering disadvantaged learners to overcome obstacles and thrive academically. Through this transformative program, we reaffirm our dedication to providing equal opportunities for success and fostering an inclusive and prosperous Balanga City.

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